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Anaconda, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of nine)

Picture of the smelter smokestack in Anaconda Montana.
     121806 Can you see Anaconda's 585 foot tall Smelter smokestack?
     Travel to the left of "The Stack" to hunt for arrowheads, visit the ghost town of Moose Camp and fish the Big Hole River.
     Turn to the right of "The Stack" to see Lost Creek State Park.  Travel even farther to the right to see Mount Powell and Deer Lodge, Montana.
Picture of the smelter smokestack in Anaconda Montana in December.
      121806 How about now?  Can you see Anaconda's smokestack?   That's Mount Haggin to the left of  "The Stack."
      We'll make a quick visit to see Lost Creek State Park then we'll head into town.
     (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
Picture of Warm Springs Creek in Ancaonda Montana.
       121806 On your way to Lost Creek State Park you cross Warm Springs Creek.
      Click here for another view of Warm Springs Creek.                 Here is a smaller picture of the creek you can put in your wallet.
Anaconda, Montana  (Page one of nine)

Turn right and visit Lost Creek State Park

Take a walk in Washoe Park during the July 2009 "Art in the Park"


Drive up to Georgetown Lake

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