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Basin, Montana Town Picture Tour on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of fourteen)

Picture of downtown Basin, Montana.
      12207  Basin Street in Basin, Montana on a sunny January afternoon.   (Click on the picture to see an 7" x 26" panorama.)          
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
      Welcome to the Basin, Montana Town Picture Tour!
      Join us as we walk south on Basin Street. (Basin Street is the old Highway 91 between Butte & Helena, Montana.)
      The town of Basin is small but the history and surrounding scenery is BIG!
      It's cold out here so for you folks who want to "speed up" the tour here is a list of town landmarks we will visit.
Page 2
Walk north on Basin Street to see the
Community Church of the Nazarene.
Page 8
We'll take a close look at the nearby creek
for "Fool's Gold."
Page 3
Walk south to see the Basin U.S. Post Office
and "Basin Creek Pottery & Studio."
Page 9 - Up on "Uncle Sam Road"
we'll discover a rare and historic trail sign
that was once found all over Montana decades ago.
Page 4
Continue walking south to see the wonderfully
preserved "Rex Flour" advertisement.
We included a short history on "Rex Flour Ads".
Page 10
Farther up the hill we come across an old mine and
"Waste water Settling Pond."
Page 5
Walk to the southern edge of Basin, Montana to
visit the remains of the old Glass Brothers smelter.
Page 11
Walk north on Basin Street to see the
Community Church of the Nazarene.
When the snow is like this it's a shame
not to go for a ski up in the hills.
We'll you excuse us please.
Page 12
Make a dash through the White Pine trees for
the Jack Mountain Lookout.
Page 6 - We return in mid-June
to explore the mining history of of Basin, Montana
by hiking up to the Jack Mountain Lookout.
Page 13
Explore the snow covered  road to
the Jack Mountain Lookout.
Page 7 -  During the hike up the hill
we will explore the old mining cabins hidden in
the trees. One of the cabins has a Finnish sauna!
Page 14
Finally, take a good look at the old fire lookout.
      The Jack Mountain Fire Lookout tour was requested by a MontanaPictures.Net visitor on 12/05/06.
      For all you folks who are wearing a jacket and warm hat, let's continue walking on Basin Street...
Walking around Basin, Montana   (Page one of fourteen)

   Click here to walk north to the Church

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