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Bighorn river pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page seven of eleven)

        50904 Yellowtail Dam - This is the headwaters of the Bighorn river.  We'll return to this location but let's go see how we got here.
       There are four fishing access sites; "Two Leggins," "Mallard Landing," "Big Horn" access, "Three Mile (Lind)" access
       and the town of St. Xavier before we reach the Yellowtail dam area.    
       (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)  
       "Mallard's Landing" - This is the second fishing access after you leave Hardin on Highway 313.  
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)  
         The town of St. Xavier, Montana.  
           St. John's Lutheran church.                             (Click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.)   The school (abandoned) was built in 1938.
         50904  Inside one of these buildings you can see this four foot by four foot mural.  
Hardin, Montana & The Bighorn River  (Page seven of eleven)
Let's go to the "Big Horn" fishing access, south of the Hardin, Montana
Read about Crow Chief Plenty Coups (Aleek-chea-ahoosh) (1848-1932)
See the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
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