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The south end of Danaher Meadows in the Bob Marshall on MontanaPictures.Net (Page four of ten)

          81811  A morning view of the headwaters of Danaher Creek.    Can you see the red pine trees on the other side of the valley?
          (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
          The "Pine Bark Beetle" has been "making camp" on the east side of the Swan Mountains.
          We need sub-zero temperatures to kill the larvae of the "Pine Bark Beetle."
          Montana hasn't had a traditional cold winter, twenty-below-zero for ten days or more, since 1996.      
Bob Marshall Southern Entrance Picture Tour (Page four of ten)
So how do you know when you reached the Danaher Meadows campground?
Go to the beginning of the Bob Marshall Southern Entrance Picture Tour
Ride west ten miles to Ovando, Montana
Ride north to visit Seeley Lake, Montana in February - Don't forget your snow boots
Ride north to Holland Lake, Montana for another view of the Swan Mountains
Ride south to visit Avon, Montana
Ride west to see the "Race to the Sky" Sled dog race in Lincoln, Montana
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