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Bob Marshall Southern Entrance Picture tour on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of ten)

          81811  The walk into the south entrance of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
          Fill your screen with Montana!  Watch the first part of the Bob Marshall Tour in HD on You Tube.
          81811  The view of the Swan Mountains from Browns Lake.   For decades, we wondered what the south entrance into the Bob Marshall Wilderness looked like. 
          (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
          Over the years we have hiked the steep trails over the Swan Mountains.
          Here is a view of the Holland Lake trail.         Click here for a view of the rugged Condon Pass Trail.
          We made a point to hike the easy Northern entrance of the Bob Marshall Wilderness from the Spotted Bear Trailhead to the Big Prairie Guard Cabin.
          The east side of the Bob Marshall Wilderness offers some of our favorite hikes into the "Bob." 
          The view of the "Front"  from the Bynum Reservoir will explain why.   The view from the Willow Creek Reservoir west of Augusta is also spectacular.
          Click here to see the Swift Reservoir Trailhead west of Dupuyer, Montana.  The trail is a long slow climb up Badger Pass
          followed by a wonderful drop into Strawberry Meadows.
          The east side's popular Gibson Reservoir is a flat walk along the North Fork of the Sun River.
          The last two of the popular east side gateways into the Bob Marshall Wilderness is Benchmark & the Dearborn River.
          The two trails take a little getting used to ever since the "Canyon Creek Fire" of 1988.
          On all our Bob Marshall hikes we never packed a camera. 
          We just assumed the landscape would remain the same for at least a hundred more years.
          We never thought an area as vast as the Bob Marshall Complex could be so drastically changed in a two short decades.
Bob Marshall Southern Entrance Picture Tour (Page one of ten)
Continue up the trail to the North Fork of the Blackfoot Cabin
Ride west ten miles to Ovando, Montana
Ride north to visit Seeley Lake, Montana in February - Don't forget your snow boots
Ride north to Holland Lake, Montana for another view of the Swan Mountains
Ride south to visit Avon, Montana
Ride west to see the "Race to the Sky" Sled dog race in Lincoln, Montana
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