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Brooks, Montana Pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of fourteen)

          71611  The community of Brooks, Montana north of Lewistown, Montana.
          To the south you can see the Big Snowy Mountains.  Click here to get a closer look from Ackerly Lake.   Here is another view of the "Big Snowy Mountains" from the south.
          To the left you can see part of the Judith Mountains.  Click here to see the Judith Mountains from Lewistown, Montana's Fergus High School.
          (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
          71611  The Brooks, Montana meeting hall                                                                                                       71611  The Brooks, Montana school is now a private residence.
The Forest Grove and Grass Range, Montana Picture Tour (Page two of fourteen)
As long as we are in the neighborhood, let's ride west to see the RR Bridge at Spring Creek Junction
Return to the Forest Grove and Grass Range, Montana Picture Tour
Ride northeast of Brooks on Highway 191 to the Fred Robinson Bridge on the Missouri River
(The Hilger & Roy, Montana tour will be posted soon.)
Ride west of Brooks on Highway 81 to the Highwood Mountains near Coffee Creek, Montana
(Don't worry, we didn't forget Denton, Montana.  The tour will be posted soon.)
See more of the Lewistown, Montana area on NickieEdwards.Com
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