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Cat Creek, Montana - Part of the Winnett, Montana Picture Tour on MontanaPictures.Net (Page ten of eleven)

         71611 Cat Creek, Montana east of  Winnett, Montana.    (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
         Cat Creek is now an unincorporated community four miles north of Highway 200.  Go to the next page to see the old Cat Creek, Montana post office.
         Cat Creek, Montana is the site of Montana's first commercial "oil boom" in 1920.
         During the town's "heyday," oil from the approximately 150 oil wells was pumped through a four-inch pipe to railroad facilities in Winnett, Montana.
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         71611 Over the years, we made three trips to Cat Creek, Montana before the sun cooperated and provided some great looking morning light.
         The best part of the four mile ride from Highway 200 to Cat Creek, Montana was the scenery.
         Here is the view to the east from the Cat Creek Road. In the distance is the Musselshell River.
         (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
Winnett, Montana Picture Tour (Page ten of eleven)
Go to the next page to see the old Cat Creek, Montana post office
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