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Miles City, Montana - Custer County Art Center  on MontanaPictures.Net (Page six of twelve)

Picture of the Custer County Art Center in Miles City
      52406 In 1979, the Custer County Art Center earned the Governor's Award for best adaptation of a historic structure.
      The building was once part of the Miles City Water Works
      There is over 7,000 square feet of exhibit and work space housed in the former water holding tanks located to the right of the brown brick building.
      The Art Center and the Custer County Cemetery have something in common...
      The Art Center tables and the cemetery arches were constructed as part of a "W.P.A." project begun in 1939.
      For those of you too young to remember, during the hardship & unemployment of 1930's "W.P.A" stood for "Put food on the table." :o)
      Thank you Miles City, for doing such a good job maintaining our seventy-year-old heritage.


Picture of a Miles City WPA project from the 1930's.
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    Picture of the river rock entrance to the Custer County Cemetery in Miles City.
      62004 Clear across town from the Custer County Art Center is the historic Custer County Cemetery.
      As you near the cemetery you'll see stately cottonwood trees that were planted in the early 1880's.
Miles City, Montana  (Page six of twelve)
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