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Walking around Ekalaka, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of seven)

Picture panorama of the town Ekalaka, Montana.
      70407 Looking south over Ekalaka, Montana.            (Please scroll to the right to see the view.) 
      Sorry we didn't get the Ekalaka tour posted sooner.  We found it almost impossible to type on the keyboard after ten days of waving to everyone in Eastern Montana.
      Our right arm and "waving finger" were plain "wore out."  If your are coming to Eastern Montana from the Midwest or the "Coast," you might want to strengthen the
      muscles in your arms first.  Gradually build up your endurance by randomly waving at ten people a week.  Who knows, it just might make sitting in traffic a little more enjoyable.
      If you can wave to fifty people in one day you are ready for Eastern Montana.  Remember start slow and work your way up to "Montana Howdy" level.
      Feel the burn!   :o)  
Walking around Ekalaka, Montana (Page one of seven)

 We have been waiting since June 19, 2004 to say this;  Let's go to Ekalaka!

Continue north for seven miles to Medicine Rocks State Park
Jump in the truck and let's explore the surrounding Ekalaka countryside.
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