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"Frequently Asked Questions" on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of one)

1.)  How do I find my hometown?
  There are over 225 complete town tours on MontanaPictures.Net and 
  another 150 "partial tours" we are still working on. 
  Visiting MontanaPictures.Net is like going on a "Sunday Drive" through Montana.
  You get a chance to relax, enjoy the beauty and see the unexpected. *
  *Thanks "C.B. 5/25/08" for that description.
  To find your hometown, go to the Navigation Bar on your left.
  Click on a "Regional Map" to see a list of towns located in a specific area of Montana.
  Click on your town to see home.
2.) I'm in a hurry - How do I find a Montana town?
  A quick way to find your hometown is the use of the MontanaPictures.Net search.
  Unfortunately, some towns (150) do not have their own web page.
  The town may not appear in the search. (See Question Three.)
Find your hometown. Search MontanaPictures.Net
3.) Do you take requests for specific towns?
  You Bet!  All requests with a valid email address are posted on the "Request List 2011."
  You can find links to photographs to over 150 Montana towns & locations that we are working on.
  You will also find direct links to the 225 completed town tours.
  It always breaks our heart to read a request for a specific Montana location
  and the sender forgot to include what town the location is near.
  It's really sad when the email doesn't have a return address.
4) Do you take requests for specific Montana buildings?
  If it is a public Montana landmark that everyone would like to see, yes.
  Please check with your "Property Manager" if you want to see your land or rental property.
5.) I sent my request yesterday.  What is the status?
  It's a 700 mile drive from Alzada, Montana to Yaak, Montana.
  It's another 700 mile drive from Sula, Montana to Sidney, Montana.
  If we don't have photos of your town we place the request on a list
  and look for that location the next time we are in the area.
  We believe all Montana towns should be photographed in their best natural lighting.
  If the sky is overcast or it's the middle of the day we schedule a photo shoot on another visit.
  You can check on the status of your request by visiting  "Request List 2014."
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6.) Why do we have to scroll to see the images?
  Montana is too big to squeeze into one little single frame. :o)
  We like to leisurely scroll across a Montana panorama to locate familiar landmarks
  in the photograph.  According to all the positive feedback, you do too.
  The new town tours consist of a combination large panoramas and Flash "Slide Shows."
  This format allows us to display more images of your hometown without clicking through a dozen web pages.
7.) What is a "Carpool Tour?"
  A "Carpool Tour" is Fun and simple.
  Every "Carpool Tour" strives to answer three questions about a Montana location?
  1.)  What does this area look like during the Spring, Winter or Fall?
        During a "Carpool Tour," visitors typically see the location during three seasons of the year.
  2.)  What will we find if we travel off the "Beaten Path."
        We love to show visitors what they will find if they travel
        down a remote gravel road or hike up a mountain trail.
   3.)  What do the other nearby towns look like?
        A "Carpool Tour" will explore the area within a 50 to 100-mile radius of the featured town.
  If you are from Montana and "Active Military" 
  send us your e-mail address.  We'll send you a free "Carpool Tour."
8.) How do you take a "Carpool Tour?"
  We keep the price of "Carpool Tours" low by offering them "on-line."
  "On-line" tours save on materials, shipping and your time.
  We use to help manage access for new and existing visitors.
  The "on-line" tour requires each  "Carpool Tour" to have it's own unique website name.
GlacierPictures.Net  See the perimeter of Glacier National Park plus the views from three Glacier Lookouts
RonanPictures.Net  See the the Mission Valley from Ronan to Ravalli, Montana.
DillonPictures.Net  See the "Centennial Valley,"  Red Rocks NWR, and the I-15 corridor from Monida to Dillon.
GreatFallsPictures.Net  See Great Falls from the "Table Mountains" a.k.a Square & Crown Butte to the west
   and the "Little Belt Mountains" to the east.
Coming Soon  
BozemanPictures.Net  See all the sights from Ringling to Pony then south to Big Sky, Montana.
LibbyPictures.Net  See all the sights from Superior on Interstate 90 to Yaak near the U.S.-Canadian border.
ButtePictures.Net  Take a walk during the months of June, August & September from the top of the
   "East Ridge" to the "World Museum of Mining." Then walk from Walkerville to the "Flats."
  Select an "on-line" tour.  Create a "User ID" & "Password."  Pay with Pay Pal and enjoy the tour.
  We will e-mail you to ask what is your second "Carpool Tour" choice and promptly send you a "User ID" & "Password."
9.) Why do you charge $4.00 for two "Carpool Tours?"
  A "Carpool Tour" let's you really SEE a Montana location.
  It takes time, sweat and gasoline to photograph Montana from a height of two to fifteen feet.
  You can find other "free" alternatives on the internet by searching for satellite images or "web cams."
  $4.00 to see two to three hundred miles of Montana is incredible fuel efficiency.  :o)
10.) Can we use MontanaPictures.Net images on our website?
  If you are a Montana town that needs photographs of your town &
  surrounding area for use on your website just send us a request.
  You can help us identify the image by including what web page the photograph
  is located on and what the caption reads.
  We ask that the name "MontanaPictures.Net" be included in the photo credit.
11.) What if we are not a Montana town.
  Can we still use MontanaPictures.Net images?
  Send us a request.
  Please keep in mind two questions.
  1.) How far would YOU have to drive across Montana to shoot the picture yourself?
  (We'll assume the time of year and lighting are just right, so you'll shoot some nice pictures.)
  Most of the Montana images you see on MontanaPictures.Net are the result of four or more visits
  to the location.  Depending on the location, that adds up to lots of wear and tear on the truck.
  2.) Instead of a small payment can we use a "MontanaPictures.Net" photo and
  in exchange, we'll give you a photo credit on our website or printed material?   
  Sorry, no thanks.
  Last year we attempted to trade a "photo credit" for some gasoline but it didn't work.
12.) Why does MontanaPictures.Net exist?
  We are "The website for people homesick for Montana."
  There is something about seeing a quality picture of "home" that gives people hope and a smile.
    If you see this guy walking around your town
    with a ton of camera equipment
    be sure to say "hi!"


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  Do you have other questions for MontanaPictures.Net?
  Use the "Request Page" to send us a question.
Got a special Montana location you're longing to see? 
MontanaPictures.Net takes requests
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