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Fort Benton, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of nine)

      60405  Over a hundred and thirty years ago people from Fort Benton climbed up to this location, "Signal Point" to watch for steam powered paddle wheel boats arriving from St. Louis.
      Join us as we tour the "Birth place" of Montana.
       60405 Fort Benton, Montana
       We skipped over some of the important parts of the town. 
       Let's walk to the edge of town, near "Signal Point," and walk west along the Missouri river.
        60505 Very little remains of the original adobe walls that once was Fort Benton.
       Can you see the fenced enclosure near the light pole in the center of the picture?
       Here, let us remove a few of the leaves on the trees to make it easier to see the original adobe wall.
        51505 There that's better.  Click here to see a close up of the adobe wall.
       University of Montana professor and Montana Historian K. Ross Toole said:
       "Everywhere the Montanan is surrounded by his real heritage. Almost nowhere will he recognize it."
       Thankfully, Fort Benton is covered with "historical markers" that chronicle the birth of Montana.
       During this tour we will attempt to include most of the "historical markers" found in Fort Benton.
       All the prominent Fort Benton landmarks will have one or more small thumb images that link you to a photo of the "historical marker."
       Here is an example.  The adobe wall in the picture above  
       has several signs to the left of the fenced enclosure.  Click on any "thumb" below to read the sign.
      Please note: The "silver pictures" are found on Montana Historical Society signs found in Fort Benton, Montana.
Fort Benton, Montana pictures on (Page one of nine)
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Map of Fort Benton, Montana
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