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Fort Benton, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of nine)

      52105 "The Museum of the Upper Missouri River." 
      This building will soon be replaced and the Fort Benton artifacts will be moved to larger, more modern facility.
      51505 This wooden map helps to see just how important Fort Benton was in the development of Montana.
       (Click on any of the pictures to see a close-up)
      51505 Speaking of boats and bold voyagers.  Meet Mr. Julian Wedgood from the United Kingdom.
      Mr. Wedgood launched his motorized canoe in the Clark Canyon Reservoir near Dillon, Montana.
      He had to fight barbwire, spring snow storms, a capsized boat and high water.
      Can you guess what his final destination is?  We thought he was headed for the Jim Kipp bridge, a hundred and forty miles downstream. 
      We were a little short.  Mr. Wedgood's final destination is St. Louis, Missouri!
      We tried twice, to jump in his canoe but there just wasn't enough room for all of the people and equipment.
      Send him and e-mail and ask him about his Montana adventure.
      51505 A scale replica of the "Mandan."
Fort Benton, Montana pictures on (Page two of nine)
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Loma, Montana - A great place to launch your raft or canoe
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