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Welcome to the Freezeout Lake "Picture Tour" on MontanaPictures.Net (page one of one)

      30710 & 32010  Late in February, Canada Geese return to Freezeout Lake near Fairfield, Montana.
      Next come the Tundra Swans in the second week of March.  Soon large flocks of white Snow Geese enroute to
      their arctic nesting grounds, stop to feed in the surrounding fields.  It's a Montana "Springtime show" you don't want to miss.
      32010  The Montana Fish Wildife & Parks Headquaters at the Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area.
      From here you can ride seven miles northwest to Choteau, Montana.
      or ride four miles southeast to Fairfield, Montana.  (Fairfield Town pictures are scheduled to be released in the Summer 2010.)
Freezeout Lake Pictures (Page one of one)
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