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Glacier National Park - Hiking Information and Trail Descriptions (Page twelve of twelve)

  Mt. Wilber Shangri-La Lake Redrock Lake Bullhead Lake Mt. Grinell    
      72908 If you want to see the trails and landmarks of Glacier National Park you have come to the right place.
     This is the afternoon view from the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail overlooking the Many Glacier Valley.
     (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
     Released in October, 2008
     We built a "Carpool Tour" for former Glacier Park employees "homesick" for the park.
     We start north of Kintla Lake and work our way around the perimeter of the park to the Chief Mountain entrance.
     During the tour you'll see the views of Glacier Park from three Fire Lookouts - Numa Ridge, Scalplock and Swiftcurrent.
     Wait until you see the new panoramas of Polebridge, Apgar, Lake MacDonald Lodge, Granite Park, Essex, East Glacier,
     Two Medicine, Cut Bank C.G., St.Mary, Babb, Many Glacier, Swiftcurrent Motor Inn and Chief Mountain.
Glacier National Park pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page twelve of twelve)
See Kintla Lake and the NW corner of Glacier National Park
See the "Heart" of Glacier Park - Hike to the Swiftcurrent Fire Looko
Ride east to Cut Bank, Montana
Ride farther east to Shelby, Montana
Ride the "Hi-Line" from East Glacier to Westby, Montana
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