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Tour Great Falls, Montana and the surrounding area with MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of one)

  The view of downtown Great Falls, Montana from Warden Park.
  The $3.75 "Great Falls Carpool Tour" contains
  (378 single frame pictures, 121 panoramas, 12 short movies)
  Walk down Central Avenue in Great Falls, Montana. 
  The walk begins at the old Gibson School on 15th Avenue passes the Civic Center and meanders over to "Duck Pond" in Gibson Park.
  Walk up Fourth Avenue North and see landmarks such as the  "The Russell Manor," a.k.a. "The W.K. Floweree House"  
  Take in the Fall colors as we walk up 2nd, 3rd & 4th Avenue from Gibson Park all the way to the Central High School.
  Of course we stopped at the Charles M. Russell Museum, The old Columbus Hospital and Memorial Park.
  Walk along the Missouri during a pretty Fall day in Great Falls, Montana.
  See the view from "Hill 57," visit the Fairgrounds, see Charlie Russell's grave in Highland Cemetery and the C.M.R. High School.
  See "Black Eagle Falls," " Rainbow Falls,"  "Giant Springs" and "The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center."
  Drive Highway 200 to see Sun River, Vaughn, Fort Shaw and Simms, Montana.
  Climb a "Table Mountain," a.k.a. "Crown Butte" west of Great Falls.
  Visit Cascade, Montana and spectacular Missouri river.
  Take a winter drive to the Little Belt Mountains to see
  the old Silver mining towns of Armington, Monarch & Neihart, Montana.
  Of course, we'll have to stop at the "Showdown Ski Area."
  Pull on your snow boots and hike in the "Sluice Boxes State Park."
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The two season tour is only $4.00        Fall & Winter tour of the Great Falls area.
"The Great Falls Carpool Tour" on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of one)
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