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Hardin, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page five of eleven)

      62505 Hardin's "Little Big Horn Days," held on June 25-27,
     is what Norman Rockwell would paint if he came out west.
     Thursday's "1876 Grand Ball" required the participants to
     dress in period costume.  Some of the events included
     a "Quilt show," a "Bull Rider" contest, a "Wild West Carnival,"
     an "Arts and Crafts Fair," "Bed Races" and a "Street Dance."
     Friday, Saturday and Sunday folks could watch an
     reenactment of "Custer's Last Stand" just west of town.
     We could tell you more about the reenactment but we don't
     want to give away the ending.  :o)


Picture of a orange float in the Little Big Horn Days Parade in Hardin Montana.
    Just prior to the big Parade on Saturday we had to scramble to
    to find a good seat.  Luckily, ten-year-old Kevin Lessard of Hardin,
    said he could "rope" a couple chairs for us so we could watch the parade.    
    Click on the picture below to see Kevin "rope" a chair for the parade.

Picture of a ten-year-old roping a folding chair in Hardin Montana.

Picture of Hardin Montana cowboy in 1870 era cowboy gear.
    If you forgot your cowboy hat, "Frankfurter" at the White Wolf Trading Co.
    can help you get the sun out of your eyes.  All his clothing is a faithful
    reproduction of 1870 era cowboy gear, even the pistols were real.
Picture of a Vaquero cowboy in the Hardin Montana parade.
    62505 El Vaquero
Picture of a Model T car in front the old Becker Hotel in Hardin Montana.
     62505 The parade passes in front of the old Becker Hotel on North Center Avenue.                          Click here to see a Model "A" Truck


62505 Click on the picture above to hear the calliope music.

      Now that the Parade is over let's go over to the Big Horn County Museum.
      Did you bring your camera?
Hardin, Montana & The Bighorn River  (Page five of eleven)
Click here to go to the Big Horn County Museum
More information about Hardin, Montana's "Little Big Horn Days"

8/30/13 UPDATE - Tours of Lodge Grass, Busby, Lame Deer & Ashland, MT

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