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Helena, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page ten of twenty)

                                                    Turret of the Bluestone House            Old Federal building                           Reeders Alley subdivision                                         Helena Fire Tower                                                                   Mount Helena city park                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Scratch Gravel Hills                                                        The Walking Mall (we're going there next)      The Placer Hotel              Now you can see "The Sleeping Giant" on the horizon.
       62603 The west view from the "Helena Fire Tower."                                                                                (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
      The Fire Tower on Watchtower Hill has become the emblem for Helena. Three major fires had consumed large
      blocks of Helena's business district by 1874.  After the 1874 fire, a large Fire Tower was built with a room on
      top for the watchman. A 2,200 pound bell was installed to sound the alarm when a fire ignited.*
      Let's explore Helena's "Walking Mall"  



The Atlas Building

                  The Placer Hotel        


 Built in 1888 at a cost of  $40,000.  

  The seven story brick hotel was completed in 1913.

Can you see the salamanders at the

  The kiosk on the left is one of two remaining

very top of the building?

  towers from the "Novelty Building" built in 1888.

They were intended to help protect the building from fire.

  During the construction of the "Novelty Building"

 (See below)

  a 7.5 ounce gold nugget was unearthed.

  The "Novelty Building gold nugget" was one
  of the largest "nuggets" ever to come
  out of Last Chance Gulch.*
  (Click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.)
      The Securities Building -  Built in 1886.
      This building reflects the Richardson Romanesque style
      so popular in the 1880's.
      The builders used granite of local origin
      and brown sandstone from Bayfield, Wisconsin.  
      The original corner metal tower 
      was removed after the 1935 earthquake.
      In front of the building stands the "Bullwhacker"   
      by Smithsonian museum artist & sculptor John Weaver. 
      "It is a reminder of men like C.A. Broadwater who came 
      west to seek gold, was a bullwhacker, and built up the
      Diamond R Freight Line, the largest single enterprise
     in Montana Territory at the time."*
      *Building information from: BAUCUS, JEAN  Gold in the Gulch
        Bar Wineglass Publications;  Helena, Montana : 1981
Helena, Montana (Page ten of twenty)
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