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"Fence Post Art" pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page three of four)

     102404 Give Cory Holmes some time, three miles of
     old telegraph wire and he can create a nine-foot-long,
     six-foot-tall, two thousand pound metal bison.
     Cory Holmes has "Fence Post Art" in about nineteen states and
     two provinces of Canada.
     On this tour, we'll see a sample of Cory's "Fence Post Art"
     that you would see as you roll west on the "Utica Cut off road" 
     (Highway 238, 239)
     between HobsonUtica  and Winifred, Montana.
    We grab a "s-hay-ke" and cheeseburger at Grandma Ruby's cafe in Hobson.
    Then head east on the "Utica Cut off road"  towards Utica, Montana
    We get just past Hobson when suddenly we drop our burger while staring at this...


one - “Spear head”
                              two - “Posted for deer”


three - "Vees"                      four - “Mortal bits of martyred saints”

(five) This sign was made by "The Woods Metal Art" (?) company in Hobson.

                      six - “Pistons and balls”

                            While you drive down the road looking at the "Fence Post Art,"
                            be sure to keep your "eyes peeled" for anything laying on the road.
           Or else, you'll being singing Montana's non-official state anthem, the "Dead skunk" song,
           released in 1972,  by Loudon Winwright III.  Click here if you have forgotten the words.
                        1972 Loudon Wainwright III "Dead Skunk" song            (seven)      


eight - “Spikes and springs”

                                eight - close-up
Montana "Fence Post Art" tour (Page three of four)
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