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Hungry Horse, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of six)

Picture of Teakettle Mountain near Columbia Falls.  
      30505 Jump in the truck we're going to Hungry Horse!
      That's "Teakettle" Mountain in the background.
      30505 "Teakettle" Mountain, Highway 2 and the Flathead river.
      (Sorry for the color on the first couple pictures.  Our cameras were so accustomed to photographing the brilliant gold and tan
      landscape of the eastern and southwest Montana that it was a "shock" being surrounded by the all green of Northwest Montana.)
      30505 We're coming up to "Bad Rock" canyon,  the site of a fierce inter-tribal battle between the Blackfeet and Flathead tribes.
       "Bad Rock"  - Once we exit the canyon we'll see the Hungry Horse area.                                     (Click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.)
       (There's our color !)
Picture of the Hungry Horse Welcome sign.  
Hungry Horse, Montana  (Page one of six)
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