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Hungry Horse, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page five of six)

Picture panorama of a Montana cabin near the Hungry Horse reservoir.
           30605 The east side road (Forest Road #38) starts in Martin City and winds along the thirty-five mile shoreline of the Hungry Horse reservoir.
       It's still March and the road is nothing but ice and snow.  You did bring your Sorel snow boots - right?
       Put on your boots and let's explore.  
        Abbot Bay and Lion Lake sign.  
Picture of a ice-covered Hungry Horse reservoir in Montana.
        30605 Abbot Bay.  You can see the patch work of burnt trees caused by the fires of 2003.  
        We're going back to town to see a piece of living Montana history - "The Hungry Horse Corral Gift Shop."  
Hungry Horse, Montana  (Page five of six)
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