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Exploring the Highway 12 corridor to Lolo Pass on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page five of seven)

    60207 Paul Cates at Lolo Hot Springs, Montana.    
      Montana has it's fair share of "Super heroes"  You don't see them very often because they busy raising
      wheat, sugar beet or cattle.  Other "Super heroes" are shuttling kids to piano practice.
     We met one hiking along highway 12.  Meet Paul Cates, he's from San Diego, CA.  He worked hard raising a great family.
     His eight grandchildren call him "Catspa."  After he retired, he decided to pursue his life long dream of hiking
     all the "Big Trails."  To date, he's hiked the Patagonia in South America, most of the New Zealand backcountry,
     the Appalachian Trail & The Pacific Crest trail.  We caught him retracing the tail of the Lewis & Clark expedition of 1803-1806.
     Paul has ambition, he also has "Joe Namath knees," and a six inch gash on his shoulder from a
     mountain bike crash.  We talked about some of the challenges he ran into during his adventure.
     We asked, "What is the most difficult obstacle you had to over come?"
     Paul said, "Your mind - some days your ask yourself what am I doing this for?  But it gets better."
     Paul, a life long veteran of fighting California traffic also said, "On the trail, you learn how wonderful people really are."
      60207  Lolo Hot Springs, Montana.         Click here to read about the history of the hot springs.   We saw other "bikers" peddling up to Lolo Pass.  
      A lady rider and a cross-country rider visiting Montana for the first time.
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
Exploring the Highway 12 corridor to Lolo Pass  (Page five of seven)

Next stop, the Lochsa Lodge in Idaho

In 2005, we met another adventurer in Fort Benton, Montana 
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