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Exploring Makoshika State Park on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page nine of nine)

Picture of The view of Glendive, Montana from Makoshika State Park.
       62607 The view of Glendive, Montana from Makoshika State Park.  If you have a minute, click here to open the 857KB image of this view.    (Be sure to enlarge the pictures.)
       You say you can't see Glendive?  Here, look through the binoculars.  You should be able to see the white GTA grain elevator on the Yellowstone river.
       Click here for a "wallet size" picture of the view.
       Thanks to the soldier in California who asked on 1/29/07, to see this view of his hometown from the park.
       (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
Picture of a Frisbee golf hole in Glendive Montana.
     62607 If we had the time, we would play "Folf" (Frisbee golf) on one of America's most challenging courses.
     Here is a shot of the par 3 hole everyone calls "Snakebite."
     (Please click on the picture above to see a larger image.)
Exploring Makoshika State Park (Page nine of nine)
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