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Miles City, Montana - "Bucking Horse Sale" on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of twelve)

Picture of cowboys at a Montana rodeo.     Picture of rodeo horse in Montana.
     52106 It's the final round of the "Miles City Bucking Horse Sale."                                            The horse team calls "heads"
     The two teams come out to the arena, to flip a coin, to determine "field position."
Picture of cowboy riding a wild horse. Picture of cowboy riding a rodeo horse.

      52106 Here's the hard part -

The chute gate opens  

Nice form cowboy

                climbing on board. 

and there is the "kick off!"
Picture of cowboy riding a bucking bronc at a rodeo.

The horse makes some nice "moves"

 This happens every once in a while...                        The horse is "stuck" in the air and can't get down.
Picture of bucking horse at a rodeo.

The horse finally reaches the ground.

Hang on cowboy!

Times up - you made it!

Miles City, Montana  (Page two of twelve)
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