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Miles City, Montana - "Range Rider Museum" on MontanaPictures.Net (Page five of twelve)

Picture panorama of the Range Rider Museum in Miles City.
     52406 Roll off Interstate 94 exit 135 and take the old highway 10.   You'll see the Miles City "Range Rider Museum."

Picture of a horse tough at the Range Rider Museum in Miles City.
        52406 You can't argue with the sign - you have to stop and visit this Montana treasure!       62004 There's a fancy water tough and plenty of shade for your horse.
      As a side note -  Deer Lodge has a water tough that closely resembles this one.
Picture of the Range Rider Museum building in Miles City.       Picture of the Fort Keogh Officers Quarters at the Range Rider Museum.
      62004 Go in and look at all the photos and Cowboy artifacts.        See what army life was like in the 1880's by visiting a fully restored "Officers Quarters" from Fort Keogh.
      Meet the friendly museum curator, Bob Barthelmess.  Bob is a walking encyclopedia of Miles City history.
      The museum hosts the "Bert Clark Gun Collection" featuring over 400 firearms.
      The firearms we liked best were the 110-year-old badly decayed rifles & handguns that were found
      laying near creek bottoms or in remote canyons.  Each rusted firearm was fully loaded with the hammer
      pulled back, ready to fire.  For some unknown reason the firearm was abandoned.  
      It makes you wonder what happened to the original owner.
      While you're visiting the museum you can also see the artwork of a modern day Miles City hero, Jim Masterson.
      Artist Jim Masterson's cartoon series called, "It Happened in Montana," is responsible for triggering an
      interest in Montana history for thousand of youngsters growing up in the Montana.
      (Click on the open book to see a larger image.)
Miles City, Montana  (Page five of twelve)
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