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Miles City, Montana - "2006 Wild Horse Race" on MontanaPictures.Net (Page three of twelve)

Picture of a rider in the Indian Relay Race.  
     73105  Up in Great Falls, Montana they run a Men's Relay Race that is a beautiful sight to see.
     They leap on a horse and ride "bare back" around the track.  At the end of the lap, the rider  
      ejects off the first horse and jumps on to a fresh horse for the second lap.  
     The winner must make three successful laps around the half mile track.  
     The Men's Relay Race is breath taking and dangerous.  
     In Miles City they run a different horse race.   Before the riders take off around the  
     track they have to catch a horse and throw a saddle on the mount.   
     Click on the movies below to see the 2006 Saturday and Sunday races in Miles City.  

PIcture of the start of Wild Horse Race in Miles City.

The Sunday "Start"

Riders rope a horse and throw on a saddle
(18 seconds)
(.WMV movie file size 969KB)

(Click on any of the pictures to start the show.)



Click here for the Saturday "Start"



Still working on the Sunday "Start"

(8 seconds)
(.WMV movie file size 453KB)

Click here for the Saturday "Start" part two


Click here for the Saturday "Start" part three



The Sunday "Finish"

The Horses & some Cowboys, cross the finish line

(11 seconds)
(.WMV movie file size 614KB)

Click here for the Saturday "Finish"


Miles City, Montana  (Page three of twelve)
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