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Monida, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net (Page three of  four)

    72107 The old "Miller Garage" in Monida, Montana.
       Part of the fun of a visit to Monida is deciphering the old business signs on the buildings.
    72007 The old "Barn" in Monida, Montana.
       is a popular Monida landmark that is visible from Interstate 15.
       Take a minute from your travels and visit historic Monida, Montana.
      It's a pretty 28 mile drive from Monida to Lakeview, Montana. 
      State Route 509 was once the "M&Y Stagecoach Line"
      Between 1898 and 1915 Yellowstone visitors would bounce down "M&Y Stage Line"
      to Yellowstone National Park after disembarking from the passenger train in Monida, Montana.
      ( "M&Y" stands for Monida & Yellowstone.)    

Dell, Montana town pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page three of four)

Drive east on the "M&Y Stage Line" (State Route 509) to Lakeview, Montana


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