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The "Unexpected" on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of ten)

      40705   "Take the gravel road east of Stockett, Montana until you come to the fork in the road..."
     81806 Quiz time - What are these people at the Northwest Montana Fair doing?
     "Blue horse" answer at the bottom of the page.
     Ride along the Clark Fork River to Thompson Falls, Montana.      Ride to Yaak, Montana.      Ride to Noxon, Montana.
      32408  The March winds can really pack a "wallop" up on the "Hi-Line." 
      This is the results of 60 m.p.h. winds in Cut Bank, Montana.  (Cut Bank is 34 miles east of Browning, Montana & Glacier Park.)
      (Click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.)
    *"Blue horse" answer - On "Laundry Day" your Great grandmother and grandmother
      had a special way to make white shirts and linens come out of the wash clean and a bright white.
      They added a liquid dye called "Bluing" to the shirts during the wash. 
      "Bluing" contains a blue dye or pigment taken up
      by fabrics in the wash or rinse.  "Bluing" absorbs the yellow part of the light spectrum,
      counteracting the natural yellowing of many fabrics.
     Today competitors exhibiting their white horses at fairs and parades
     use "Bluing" to make the horse coat a bright "show stopping" white.
The "Unexpected" found in Montana (Page two of ten)
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See the Northwest Montana Fair in Kalispell, Montana
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