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Learn "Army Man"  & "Ballerina" on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of four)

Picture of a little girl riding a saucer down in the snow.


 (Click on the picture to start the movie.)

            (.WMV File size 455KB)

      31807  Nothing beats sliding down the hill in control.
      It doesn't matter if your riding a Snowboard, "Three-Pin," Downhill skis or even a sled.
      Follow along to learn the two snowboard "positions" you'll use forever.
      Then we'll look at the basic four snowboard turns so you can ride down any hill in control.
      Each turn carves a "letter" in the snow.  
      The four "letters" carved in the snow represent the "Snowboard Alphabet."
      We'll study the turns, then see them in action... Ready?
      First, let us introduce the two "universal" snowboard positions...

Picture of toy Army man riding a snowboard.

"Universal" snowboard position number one:

"Army Man"

     Look at how the “Army Man” in the picture
     on the left is pushing snow down hill. 
     When you put all your weight on your heels   
    and your toes are pointed towards the sky
     we call this position the: “Army Man” 
    Pressing the UP-Hill edge into the snow effectively
    converts your board into a “Bulldozer”  -
    you are pushing snow down hill
    creating a small plateau in the snow.

    With the UP-Hill edge pressed into the snow you

    can control how fast you slide down the hill. 

    You can come to a complete stop or in the event

    of a "PANIC ATTACK”
    you can gracefully fall UP-Hill
    and land on your rear end.
    Of course, “Army Man” is no fool, he is wearing
    a helmet and so should you.
    This position can be used to safely get down
    a "black diamond" ski run.

Let's watch a boarder come to a stop using the
 “Army Man” position.

(.WMV File size 455KB)

(Click on the picture to start the show.)

    31807  Come to a stop in the “Army Man” position.

"Universal" snowboard position number two:


    All your weight is on your "tippy" toes  

                     like a "ballerina"

    and your heels are pointed towards the sky.


    When we first started snowboarding
    we loved the “Ballerina” position.
    If we had to fall or stop, it seemed like we only
    had to drop a short distance to our knees. 
    Dropping on your rear end out of the “Army Man”
    position means landing on what ever is below you,
    sight unseen.  When the snow is scarce, that could
    mean a rock or tree root.

Click on the picture above to decide what

causes the least damage,  falling from the
“Army Man” or “Ballerina” position.

(.WMV File size 366KB)

    Remember, no matter what position you choose
                           commit yourself.

   If you decide to slide in

   the “Army Man” position, press your heels hard,

   on the UP-Hill edge of your board.

   If you decide to slide in the “Ballerina” position,

   press your toes hard, on the UP-Hill edge

   of your board. 


   If you don’t maintain your weight over

   your toes or heels you open the possibility

    31807  Come to a stop in the “Ballerina” position.

   that the DOWN-Hill edge will dig into the snow


Picture of an toy Army man falling down.

Quick review...
What happens when your DOWN-Hill edge
of your snowboard digs into the snow?
You will fight "Gravity" and "Gravity" will win.
Montana snowboard class (Page one of four)

   Let's review the "Snowboard Alphabet" of turns

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