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Montana "moo-vies" on MontanaPictures.Net

Scenes you don't normally see while looking out your office window.

 How to 
"Yield the Right-of-Way"
in Montana

(Click on the picture to see how it's done.)

(.WMV movie file size 7,855KB)


91805 "Big Sky Draft Expo" in Deer Lodge, Montana

Gravel road etiquette:
How to wave "Hello"
while driving down a gravel road in Montana.
(.WMV movie file size 149KB)

40305 West of Bynum, Montana

Practicing their "team" roping skills
on a mechanical steer.

(.WMV File size 187KB)


(Click on any of the pictures to start the show.)

61804 Kids rodeo in Alzada, Montana




Fancy dance competition


(.WMV file size 508KB)

72504 Fancy dance competition
Fort Belknap Agency, Montana

"Men's Relay Race" finals

at the Montana State Fair

in Great Falls, Montana

(Click on the picture to see the race.)

73105 Great Falls, Montana

Always late for the staff meeting?

Can never find a chair?

Try "chair roping."

Have ten-year-old Kevin, from Hardin, show you how to

get a seat no matter how late you are for the meeting.

(.WMV movie file size 163KB)

62505 Hardin, Montana

To all MontanaPictures.Net staff

Effective immediately.

"Hybrids" will be used for all our
transportation needs.

(Click on the picture to watch a  "Hybrid" roll by.)

90605 Going "Hybrid"

Our favorite kind of "traffic jam."
(.WMV movie file size 779KB)

(Click on any of the pictures to start the show.)

22005 South of Rapeje, Montana

(That's the Beartooth Mountains in the distance.)


Cattle drive in the Bears Paw mountains.

(.WMV movie file size 500KB)

102404 South of Havre, Montana


Gravel road etiquette:


If you want to make a friend in Montana,

remember to close the gate. 

Place the post in the bottom wire loop and push

 until you can throw the top loop over the post.


(.WMV movie file size 361KB)


102404 How to close a gate


"Fence Post art"

along the Utica cut-off road.


(PhotoJam 4 slide tour with music)

92604 Fence Post art by Corey Holmes of Havre

One of Whitehall's oldest
entertainment centers.
(.WMV file size 273KB)

82804 Whitehall, Montana fountain

Click on the trail sign to see
who is coming down the trail.

(.WMV movie file size 261KB)

 70504 Choteau, Montana pack train.

Kid's rodeo in Alzada, Montana
(.WMV File size 382KB)

61804 Kid's rodeo in Alzada, Montana


High School rodeo warm up session


 (.WMV file size 483KB)

You can download the ".WMV" file by
right clicking the link below the video
then selecting "Save Target as..."
to save to your PC.  (It's much faster.)
See 160 miles of the Great Falls area during the spectacular months of October, December and June.
The "Great Falls Carpool Tour." includes 687 Single frame photos, 166 Panoramas and 15 Movies.
Previous tour update: 1/31/09 - Updated "Great Falls Carpool Tour."
A leisurely Winter walk down Broadway in Helena, Montana.
Click here to see the "Men's Relay Horse Race" at the Montana State Fair is Great Falls, Montana.