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The "Unexpected" on MontanaPictures.Net (Page five of ten)

    22003   "Valentine Idea" - Absarokee, MT
     What better way to say she's "special," than by surprising her with her own section of "Jack Fence."
     Your Valentine can use it to toss a saddle on or dry her fishing waders.
     It even gets better with age!  After sixty years it will look like this...

90103 "Tire Rim Camel" - Wolf Point, MT



     42405 Early day "Hot mail" - Chester, Montana     
                               72504 "Tire Rim Camel" - Lewistown, Montana     

Gravel Road Tally - "Thank goodness for baling wire"

Date Item replaced


41903 Windshield St. Mary Lake - Glacier Park
32804 Flat tire Big Hole river - near Wise River, Montana
112504 Windshield Gardiner, Montana
42405 Headlight Sweet Grass Hills
52905 Flat tire St. Ignatius, Montana
62505 "Starter" Hardin, Montana
62306 Headlight Brockway, Montana
121806 New tire chains Anaconda, Montana
62407 Neglected to set brake. White Sulphur Springs, Montana.
Watched truck roll into
ditch while shooting a
71408 Driver side Front fender Libby, Montana
"Dinged" by metal falling
off on-coming truck.
122908 Outside Passenger Red Lodge, Montana
side door handle
breaks off in the cold.
62009 Windshield Between Joplin & Kremlin, Montana
11510 Outside Driver Great Falls, Montana
side door handle
breaks off in the cold.
11110 Fan belt snaps Livingston, Montana
61711 Nylon strap to the camera Cascade, Montana
ladder snaps on the Interstate.
Front right fender badly damaged
Vehicle tip:    
Try to buy or rent the most un-reliable truck on the lot.
When the truck stops in the "middle-of-no-where," get out and explore!
You will be amazed all the history that lays hidden just off the road.
Plus you will get a chance to meet the real treasure of Montana - it's people.
(Please don't Trespass.  We are assuming you know what
the orange florescent paint on the gate means.)
The "Unexpected" found in Montana (Page five of ten)
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