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"Porphyry Peak Lookout" pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of seven)

      12408 This is the view you see as you jump off the "Payload" Chair Lift at the "Showdown Ski Area."
      Can you see the "Fire Lookout" in the middle of the picture?   Is it okay with you if we paid a little visit
      to the "Porphyry Peak Lookout?" 
      12408 We left all our gear back at the ski racks.  Don't worry, we're in Montana.
      The "Porphyry Peak Lookout" sure looks good in the snow. 
      The drifted snow is over fifty inches deep, so we'll have to walk on our knees to reach the lookout.  On the return trip,
      we might be able to walk on the new trail of compacted snow.
      It's great to be in deep snow again!  Can you see the rainbow "halo" around the sun?    Here is a picture of a yellow sign just for fun.
      We wanted to see the view north towards Neihart, Montana.     Do'h!  We discovered you can actually see better views from the chair lifts!
      Here is a panorama of the view towards the west.
The "Showdown Ski Area" on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of seven)
We're burning precious "ski time."  Let's return to the chair lifts.
Pay a quick visit to the "Jack Mountain Lookout" west of Basin, Montana - we'll wait for you.
Got a special Montana location you're longing to see? 
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