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The Powder River west of Terry, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of ten)

          71711  Fill your screen with Montana.  Watch the Powder River Tour in HD on YouTube.
          Does anyone remember the Montana Department of Transportation Historical Sign from the early 1970's?
          It said, "Powder River, Let 'er Buck!" was a battle cry of Montana & Wyoming troops during WWI.
          UPDATE: On 70312 south of Livingston, Montana we found a gravesite of a member of the 362nd Infantry during WW1.
          The 362nd Infantry was part of the famous 91st Powder River "Let 'er Buck" Division formed in 1917.
          "Most of the men came from the states of the Northwest, a fact which explains many of the distinctively western traditions
          and emblems which are part of the heritage of the 91st Division."
          Here is another link to a more detailed history of the 91st Powder River "Let 'er Buck" Division.
          71711  The junction of the Yellowstone River and the Powder River west of Terry, Montana.
          We recommend riding into Terry, Montana from the west on the old Highway 10.  You'll see lots of history, some incredible views and maybe bust an occasional smile.
          (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
The Powder River west of Terry, Montana (Page one of ten)
Walk upstream from the Powder River Bridge
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Ride south to Highway 12 to see Powder River bridge east of Miles City
Ride farther south to see the Powder River near Broadus, Montana
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