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Red Bluff, Montana on (Page three of twelve)

     22705 Red Bluff Research Ranch east of Norris, Montana.
     Sadly, this grand building was destroyed by a July, 2006 fire.     Here is a March 9, 2008 photo of the Montana landmark.
     This building, the "Tanners Hotel & Livery stable,"  once served as over-night lodging for stagecoach passengers traveling to Bozeman.
      62106 Red Bluff cemetery - Notice the "green" countryside of May & June compared to the "yellow-wheat" color of the other ten months of the year.
      You can see the "yellow-wheat" color in the photo at the bottom of the page.
     (Click on the picture for a larger image.)  
     22705 Red Bluff Research Ranch east of Norris, Montana.  
Red Bluff, Montana  (Page three of twelve)
The "Bear Trap" is just down the road.  Let's go!
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