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2009 Request List on MontanaPictures.Net



Montana Location request


G. 1/01/09  Vaughn, Montana  6/07/08 - "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
S.M. 1/03/09  Fort Benton would be great  Posted 6/04/05 - More coming
D. 1/04/09  Thanks for the Red Lodge Lights tour  You bet!
S. 1/05/09  Joplin is celebrating it's Centennial 6/19  Thanks - We made two trips in June 2009
J.R. 1/06/09  Alder & Nevada City, Montana  "Nevada City Carpool Tour" coming soon
T.M. 1/08/09  The old Fergus H. S. & Jr. High  Here's the new school in Lewistown
R. 1/10/09  We met when the team was  The updated "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
     photographing Belt, MT.  
     When will the Belt pictures come out?  The Belt pictures came out nice.
K. 1/12/09  Loved the Great Falls Holiday Lights  You bet!
R. 1/13/09  Bannack, Montana  Posted 1/29/05 - More coming
B. 1/04/09  Do you still post the Snowboard lessons?  You bet!
L.S. 1/15/09  Thanks for the Glacier Carpool Tour"  You bet!
K.A. 1/15/09  Will you be offering the Montana  You bet!
     "Spring Flowers" postcards this year?  
A. 1/15/09  Showdown Ski Area please  Posted 1/27/08 - More coming
J. 1/16/09  I miss Avon, Montana  Posted 3/08/08 - More coming
D.G. 1/16/09  Martindale, Montana area please  Working on it  - Two Dot, MT is nearby
C. 1/19/09  Havre, Montana - thanks  Posted 6/11/06 - More coming
S.K. 1/22/09  The "Sleeping Giant" & Gates of the Mtns  Posted 1/08/06 - More coming
B. 1/22/09  The Ekalaka country  Posted 7/14/07 - More coming
J.L. 1/23/09  Richey, Circle & Brockway  Working on it  - The sun didn't cooperate when we
       hit Brockway & Circle, MT RR Depot  "RY Trail"
T. 1/23/09  Seeley Lake & Condon, Montana  Posted 2/27/08 - More coming
F. 1/23/09  Showdown - thanks  Posted 1/27/08 - More coming
R.G. 2/01/09  Plevna, Montana  Posted 7/06/07 - More coming
D.D. 2/01/09  Fairview, Montana northeast of Sidney  Working on it
C.V. 2/02/09  Virginia City, Montana  Posted 6/22/03 - More coming
  2/04/09  January winners - D.G., E.H., S.M., C.V. won a free "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
S. 2/06/09  Melrose & Divide, Montana  Posted 7/16/04 & 1/23/07 
P. 2/06/09  Westby, Montana north of Sidney  Posted 6/14/09 - More coming
G.D. 2/07/09  Thank you, thank you, thank you  You bet!
     for the Great Fall tour!  
J. 2/08/09  I miss the "Sweet Grass Hills"  Posted 5/01/05 - More coming
P. 2/09/09  It is so great to see and HEAR the  You bet!
     "Great Falls on the Missouri" thank you  
S.R. 2/10/09  Crystal Lake in the Big Snowy Mountains  Working on it
     south of Lewistown  
P.O. 2/11/09  Lame Deer, Montana  Working on it
  2/11/09  February winners P.O., S.B., S.R., K&W L. all won a free "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
  2/16/09  February winners M.K., A.M., B.G.,  all won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
M.K. 2/17/09  We are going to ride the gravel roads  You bet!
     across northern Montana. The "Glacier Carpool Tour"
     & "Hi-Line Tour" really helped to see "what's up ahead." Thanks
J.W. 2/17/09  The Moose Lake area in the Pintlars  Working on it
R.T. 2/18/09  The view of Billings from the "Black Otter  Working on it -  We agree
     Trail."  It gives me a "Sense of Place" & Belonging
J. 2/18/09  They shot a breakfast bar commercial   "The Hamilton & Bitterroot Valley Tour"
      near "Lost Horse Creek" can I see more of that area?
C. 2/19/09  Makoshika State Park please  Posted 9/01/07 - More coming
L. 2/21/09  Reed Point, Montana  Working on it
F. 2/23/09  The Cable Mountain Fire Lookout  You can't beat
     west of Anaconda, MT  
A.L. 2/25/09  Historic Mondak north of Sidney, MT  Working on it
P. 2/25/09  I'll be spending a lot more time here until  
     I can make it back in person.  
  2/26/09  February winners A.L., N.D., G.H., all won a free "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
  2/26/09  February winners M.K., A.C., B., B.G. all won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
C. 3/02/09  The "Sled Dog Video" made made my day.  You bet!
G. 3/07/09  Laurel, MT  My daughter &  Posted 11/16/09 - More coming
     granddaughter moved up there.  
S. 3/08/09  My grandparents lived in the "Bear Trap  We miss that old cabin
     Cabin" on the Madison River.  
G.K. 3/09/09  Ennis, especially the park bench  We'll send some Ennis pictures to hold you
     overlooking  the Madison River.  over until we finish the Madison River Tour.
A. 3/10/09  Yaak, MT & the "Dirty Shame Saloon"  NW Montana Carpool Tour
C.V. 3/11/09  Thank you for the Madison River Preview.  You bet!
T. 3/12/09  Baker, Montana - thanks  Posted 9/01/07 - More coming
R. 3/12/09  The famous ghost town  Bannack, MT  Posted 1/29/05 - More coming
B.G. 3/13/09  Thank you for the Madison River Preview.  You bet!
J. 3/15/09  Thanks you for the Havre pictures.  Posted 6/11/06 - More coming
S. 3/16/09  Glendive, Montana?  Posted 9/01/07 - More coming
D. 3/17/09  Fort Benton, MT  Posted 6/04/05 - More coming
D.F. 3/17/09  The Wolf Point, MT area - thanks  Posted 9/01/03 - More coming
F. 3/17/09  Butte's St Patrick's Day celebration  Boy, do we have a pretty June tour of Butte
       that will debut in late Nov '09.
E. 3/20/09  Thanks for the Miles City tour and video  That's our job. :o)
     it put a smile on my face.  
A.D. 3/23/09  Hill Crest Cemetery in Deer Lodge, MT  Posted 8/29/03 - More coming
S. 3/25/09  Whitefish, Montana? - thanks  Posted 12/23/08 - More coming
T. 3/27/09  Superior & St. Regis - I'm in Seattle and  NW Montana Carpool Tour
     miss my Clark Fork River  
K. 3/29/09  Rapelje, Montana  Posted 1/10/07 - More coming
A. 3/30/09  Noxon, Montana would be great!  NW Montana Carpool Tour
  3/31/09  March winners - J.G., D.H., S., G. all won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
R. 4/03/09  Seeley Lake, Montana - Thanks  Posted 2/27/08 - More coming
G.H. 4/04/09  Do you have pictures of Camas Flowers?  Pictures sent.
B. 4/05/09  Forsyth looked great!  Posted 4/24/04 - More coming
N. 4/08/09  Absarokee, Montana?  Posted 2/21/05 - More coming
M. 4/10/09  "The Butte Lunch Tour" made my day.  Wait until you see
       "The Butte Carpool Tour."
J. 4/11/09  Thank you for the Povitica link  You won't be disappointed -
     We just placed an order.  It's a taste of "home."
A.L.B. 4/11/09  The Ennis Fishing Tour really makes me  Free Glacier Carpool Password sent.
     miss home. Thank you  
D'oh! 4/14/09  Please Note: Approximately 45 "Requests" sent between April 1 and April 14, 2009
     were accidently deleted.  If you would like to see a Montana town please send
     another request.   Sorry for the inconvenience.
C. 4/15/09  My Broadus, Montana  Posted 2/08/10 - More coming
     Be sure to enlarge the 7"x 36" panorama of Broadus.  
P.H. 4/15/09  I will always call Montana "home."  Free Glacier Carpool Password sent.
J.W. 4/16/09  I sent this website to my daughter.  Free Glacier Carpool Password sent.
     She is so homesick for Montana.  
R.S. 4/18/09  Tiber Reservoir a.k.a. Lake Elwell  Posted 5/01/05 - More coming
T. 4/19/09  Absarokee, Montana  Posted 2/21/05 -More coming
? 4/19/09  The Eagles Lodge is now the site of the  Thank you for the update.
     local newspaper, the "Ekalaka Eagle."  
S. 4/20/09  It's great to see the winter panorama  Posted 3/11/07 - More coming
     of Georgetown Lake - I can see our house.
L. 4/20/09  Do you offer Montana postcards?  The "Montana Spring Flower" collection
       will make any Homesick Montanan smile.
G. 4/21/09  Hungry Horse, Montana  Posted 3/11/05 - More coming
H. 4/22/09  I liked the video of the "Great Falls"  You really see the Great Falls area on
     outside of Great Falls, Montana  "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
J.B. 4/22/09  Beartooth Peak south of Red Lodge  Posted 6/13/06 - More coming
W. 4/24/09  Glen, Montana near Melrose, Montana  Working on it
P. 4/24/09  Radersburg, Montana please  Posted 1/20/07 - More coming
D. 4/25/09  Townsend, Montana  - Thanks  Posted 2/14/04 - More coming
K. 4/25/09  Ronan, Montana  "Mission Valley Tour"
A. 4/27/09  Broadway & Main in Helena, Montana  "Helena Carpool Tour"
R.S. 4/29/09  More Fallon, Montana pictures please  Posted 4/13/09 - More coming
T. 4/29/09  Anaconda, Montana  Posted 12/22/06 - More coming
D. 4/30/09  Fort Shaw, Montana   "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
  4/30/09  April winners - K., G.B., from Facebook won a free "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
  4/30/09  April winners -  H., D., from Facebook won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
S. 5/01/09  Cascade, Montana  There are some spectacular Cascade
       pictures in the "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
R. 5/03/09  St. Ignatius, Montana  Posted 5/29/05 - More coming
K. 5/04/09  No request, just a big Thank You!  You bet!
C. 5/07/09  Beartooth Highway south of Red Lodge  Posted 6/13/06 - More coming
T. 5/08/09  Stedman Foundry in  Helena, Montana  Posted 5/23/07- More coming
S. 5/09/09  Can I see all the battlefields in Montana?  We sent him links to ten of our web pages.
P.&L. 5/10/09  Red Lodge, Montana please  Posted 2/25/05 - More coming
I. 5/10/09  St. Ignatius - thanks  Posted 5/29/05 - More coming
B. 5/11/09  Choteau, Montana  Posted 7/14/05 - More coming
S.E. 5/12/09  Whitlash, Montana  Posted 5/01/05 - More coming
M.H. 5/13/09  The new Beartooth panorama turned out  Posted 5/13/09 - More coming
     pretty nice.  Thanks  
B.C. 5/13/09  Cameron, Montana  "Madison Valley Carpool Tour"
J.S. 5/14/09  Roundup, Montana - Thanks  Posted 9/14/09 - More coming
E.A. 5/15/09  Hungry Horse, Montana  Posted 3/11/05 - More coming
C.B. 5/16/09  The Jordan, Montana area.  Also the  Working on it
     "Eagle's Nest" between Flaxville & Redstone.
C. 5/17/09  Glendive, Montana just opened a  Posted 9/01/07 - More coming
     new museum.  Thank you for the "heads up."
W.E. 5/18/09  Ekalaka, Montana  Posted 7/14/07 - Thanks W.E. for the great
       information about Ekalaka.
D. 5/18/09  Fort Shaw, Montana  "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
G. 5/20/09  Makoshika State Park - thank you  Posted 9/01/07 - More coming
M. 5/21/09  Norris, Montana  Posted 6/21/06 - More coming
B. 5/23/09  Nevada City, Montana  Working on it
P. 5/25/09  Whitehall, Montana  Posted 9/02/04 - More coming
D.T. 5/26/09  Gardiner, Montana  Posted 11/29/04 - More coming
E. 5/26/09  The hill in Ekalaka has a "C" on it.  Thank you for the helpful correction.
     The "C" stands for Carter County.  
T.G. 5/26/09  Sunburst, Montana west of the  Working on it
     "Sweet Grass Hills."  
S. 5/28/09  The "Gary Cooper Bridge" on the  Working on it
     Missouri River.  
T. 5/28/09

 East Glacier, Montana

 "Glacier Carpool Tour"
A. 5/30/09  Sheridan, Montana  The "Ennis Fishing Tour" has a nice
       June view of the Ruby Dam area.
P. 5/30/09  Elk Park, Montana  "The Butte Carpool Tour."
        We just added E.P. & Rocker to the tour
  5/31/09  May winners - D., T.S. won a free "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
     May winners -  E.A., won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
     May winners -  B.H., won a free "Mission Valley Carpool Tour"
C. 6/02/09  The Gallatin River near Big Sky, MT  Posted 2/14/04 - More coming
       See more in the "Bozeman Carpool Tour"
F. 6/03/09  Anaconda, Montana - Thank you  Posted 12/22/06 - More coming
G. 6/04/09  Stevensville, Montana  Posted 6/07/07 - More coming
B. 6/05/09  Helena, Montana  Posted 5/23/07 - More coming
N.M. 6/06/09  My hometown Dillon, Montana  Posted 6/21/03 - More coming
T. 6/07/09  Manhattan, Montana  "Bozeman Carpool Tour" 
E. 6/07/09  Lincoln, Montana  Working on it
S.W. 6/08/09  Castle ghost town in the Castle Mtns.  Working on it
S. 6/11/09  Joplin is celebrating it's Centennial 6/19  Updated 6/20/09 - More coming
T.G. 6/12/09  Ingomar, Montana  Posted 4/24/04 - More coming
R.R. 6/14/09  How do you get to Nelson, Montana?  Posted 5/29/07 - More coming
     If you have walking shoes, a water bottle and a hat.  The ONLY other piece of equipment
     you need is the $13.57 "Fun Book" a.k.a. The Montana Atlas & Gazetter
K. 6/15/09  Homestead, Montana  Pictures are in.  Tour coming after the
       "busy season" ends. :o)
C. 6/16/09  Baker, Montana  Updated 3/10/07 - More coming
P. 6/18/09  Forsyth, Montana  Posted 4/24/04 - More coming
A. 6/19/09  Sumatra, Montana east of Ingomar, MT  Working on it
B. 6/19/09  Charlo, Montana  "Mission Valley Tour"
F. 6/20/09  I miss seeing the "Thunderheads" on the  So did we. :o)
     "Hi-Line."  Thanks - Seattle  
T.B. 6/21/09  Polson, Montana & Flathead Lake  Posted 5/29/07 - More coming
     Be sure to enlarge the image to 6"x 38"  
K. 2/23/08  Missoula, Montana  Posted 10/09/05 -More coming
S. 6/24/09  It was great to see "home" again - Thanks  Posted 6/22/04 - More coming
H. 6/25/09  We have to stay close to home this  Free beta "Butte Carpool Tour" sent
     summer.  It was nice to see Montana "on-line."
T. 6/27/09  Ronan, Montana  "Mission Valley Tour"
N.S. 6/27/09  St. Ignatius, Montana  Posted 5/29/05 - More coming
K. 6/29/09  Stevensville, Montana  Posted 6/07/07 - More coming
  6/30/09  June winners - H. won a free beta "Butte Carpool Tour"
     June winners -  Z., won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
? 7/02/09  I helped work on the old high school  Sure!  What town?  Which High School?
     and would like to see some pics of it.  
B. 7/04/09  Darby, Montana  "Hamilton Area Carpool Tour"
T. 7/05/09  Lakeview, Montana & Red Rock NWR  See 220 miles of Beaverhead County on the
       "Centennial Valley Carpool Tour"
D. 7/06/09  White Sulphur Springs, Montana  Posted 12/21/03 - More coming
P.B. 7/09/09  Polebridge, Montana & The North Fork  "Glacier Carpool Tour"
R. 7/10/09  Norris, Montana  Posted 6/21/06 - More coming
S. 7/11/09  Avon, Montana  Posted 3/08/08 - More coming
A.H. 7/11/09  Heart Butte, Montana  Posted 3/31/09 - More coming
A.H. 7/11/09  Cutbank, Montana  Posted 6/08/09 - More coming
J. 7/14/09  Wisdom,  Elk Horn Hot Springs,  "Wisdom Montana Carpool Tour"
     Melrose & Dewey, Montana  
R.D. 7/18/09  Devon, Montana between  Devon made use smile three times
     Shelby & Chester, Montana.  1.) Devon mailbox on Highway 2
       2.) The "Devon North Forest."
       3.) The "Big Open."
S.B. 7/19/09  Gardiner, Montana  Posted 11/29/04 - More coming
L. 7/20/09  Manix Street in Augusta, Montana  Working on it  - Stearns Road & Haystack
C.M. 7/21/09  Laurin, Montana  Posted 7/13/03 - More coming
E.H 7/23/09  My father was born in Big Hole, Montana  The Montana Historical Society is the
     Can you help me find the where it was?  BEST & friendliest source for Montana
       Historical information.
D.G. 7/23/09  Gardener Road in the Sweet Grass Hills  Wait until you see the 8/03/09
                                                                "View of Montana" - We take a 7/11/09 walk up East Butte.
M. 7/23/09  No request, just thanks from someone  You bet!
     who misses Montana.  Wolf Creek, Montana is home.
C. 7/26/09  Thank you for the "Art in the Park" walk  Posted 7/26/09 - More coming
     I miss Anaconda.  
K. 7/28/09  Lewistown, Montana  Posted 10/04/04 - More coming
T. 7/28/09

 Radersburg, MT area south of     

 Posted 1/20/07 - More coming
P. 7/29/09  Cooke City, Montana  Posted 4/07/08 - More coming
D.K. 7/30/09  CMR High School  6/07/08 -"Great Falls Carpool Tour"
   CMR & "Central" are in the tour.  :o)
M.W. 7/31/09  "Freeze Out Lake" around Easter when thousands of      We agree.  We'll be there
     migrating birds cover the lake.  This is one of the               next Easter. Thank you.
     Montana great treasures that few people take the time to see.
  7/31/09  July winners - Eight tours given to folks at the "Art in the Park" Show in Anaconda.
B. 8/03/09

 Fort Benton  & Loma - We're going  to

 Posted 6/04/05 - More coming
   float to the James Kipp Bridge.  Way to go! It's our favorite 148 mile float.
T.T. 8/04/09  The Sweet Grass tour made me smile.  Thanks - The S G Hills always make us smile.
L.K. 8/05/09  "The Front" from Augusta or Valier, MT  Posted 5/24/10 - More coming
     Stearns Road & Haystack  
E.D. 8/06/09  Sidney, Montana  Posted 8/11/06 - More coming
B. 8/08/09  Thank you, from a misplaced Montanan  You bet!
     that can't wait to come home.  
D.T. 8/08/09  I was a GPI employee at Many Glacier.  "Glacier Carpool Tour"
     Thanks for the "Glacier Carpool Tour!"  
R.L. 8/10/09  Thanks.  The "Hi-Line Drive" really  You bet! Next week we roll into Westby, MT
     brightened my day.  
D. 8/11/09  Red Lodge, Montana - thanks  Posted 2/25/05 - More coming
S. 8/12/09  Roundup, Montana  Posted 9/14/09 - More coming
G. 8/13/09  Downtown Joplin, Montana  Posted 6/28/09 - More coming
R.L. 8/13/09  Popular High School  Posted 8/17/09 - More coming
S. 8/15/09  We have some Montana questions...  No return email address
C. 8/15/09  Sluice Boxes State Park & Monarch, MT  6/07/08 -"Great Falls Carpool Tour"
P.B. 8/16/09  Polebridge, Montana  "Glacier Carpool Tour"
B. 8/17/09  Holland Lake  in the Swan Mountains  Posted 3/12/05 - More coming
J.M. 8/20/09  We like the Anaconda Skating Rink  You bet!
     panorama - thanks!  
H. 8/22/09  Basin, Montana  Posted 4/25/07 - More coming
F. 8/22/09  Roundup, Montana please  Posted 9/14//09 - More coming
T. 8/23/09

 Buffalo, Montana

 Posted 9/18/08 - More coming
R.R. 8/24/09  Monarch, MT & the Big Belt Creek area  6/07/08 -"Great Falls Carpool Tour"
C.K. 8/24/09  Jordan, MT & the Sand Creek area.  Working on it
     I taught school there in a one room school house.
C. 8/25/09  Two Dot, Montana  Posted 9/22/08 - More coming
K.C. 8/26/09  Cut Bank & Hungry Horse, Montana  Posted 3/11/05 - More coming
D. 8/28/09  Judith Gap, Montana  Posted 9/18/08 - More coming
  8/31/09  August winners - D.T., &  C.K. won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
D.K. 9/02/09  Glasgow, Montana - Thank you!  Posted 9/06/09 - More coming
S. 9/03/09  Nelson, Montana.  Posted 5/29/07 - More coming
A.S. 9/07/09  I'm in Oregon and missing my Montana.  
C.R. 9/07/09  All the towns between Three Forks &  It's in the new "Bozeman Carpool Tour"
     Bozeman. The places where I grew up. Thank you.
J. 9/09/09  Thanks for a the view of home.  You bet!
K. 9/10/09  Bozeman, Montana - Thank you!  "Bozeman Carpool Tour"
M. 9/12/09  St. Marie, Montana (Glasgow Air Force base.)  Working on it
C. 9/10/09  I'm in SE Minnesota and there are no mountains here (bluffs DON'T count).
     I would love to see my home in the West Valley area in Kalispell, Montana.
T. 9/12/09  Stevensville, Montana  Posted 6/07/07 - More coming
S.M. 9/13/09  Glasgow, Montana & the Fort Peck Reservoir  Working on it
T.D. 9/14/09  Ferndale outside Bigfork, Montana  Working on it
     T.D. writes: "It's small but nice."  
B. 9/15/09  The Crazy Mountains  Posted 9/25/09 - More coming
E.B. 9/17/09  Glendive, Montana  Posted 9/01/07 - More coming
T. 9/18/09  Melrose, Montana - thanks  Posted 7/16/04 - More coming
W. 9/19/09  Glacier National Park - thank you  "Glacier Carpool Tour"
R. 9/21/09  Elkhorn, Montana  Posted 1/20/07 - More coming
H.H. 9/22/09  Grizzly Gulch near Helena, Montana  Working on it
C. 9/23/09  National Bison Range  "Mission Valley Carpool Tour"
F. 9/24/09  Walkerville, Montana  "The Butte Carpool Tour"
P.I. 9/25/09  Makoshika State Park please  Posted 9/01/07 - More coming
H. 9/25/09  Brockway, Montana turns 100 in July  Working on it  - The sun didn't cooperate when we
       hit Brockway & Circle, MT RR Depot  "RY Trail"
G.M. 9/26/09  Sidney, Montana - I'm in Alabama  Posted 8/11/06 - More coming
T. 9/26/09  It was great to see "The Crazies" again.  You bet!
C.T. 9/29/09  Raplje, Montana - I student taught there.  Posted 1/10/07 - More coming
  9/30/09  September winners - K., H.H. & S.B.R. won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
S.A. 10/02/09  Garrison Junction west of Avon, MT  Posted 3/08/08 - More coming
R.A. 10/02/09  Winnet, Montana. North through Valentine  Working on it - Sounds like a great ride.
     & then east around the Petrolia Bench.  
B. 10/05/09  Giant Springs near Great Falls.  "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
C. 10/7/09  Froid, Montana - thanks  Posted 6/14/09 - More coming
M. 10/09/09  West Glacier, Montana.  "Glacier Carpool Tour"
D.M. 10/09/09  Beartooth Highway near Red Lodge  Posted 6/13/06 - More coming
J. 10/10/09  Seeley Lake, Montana  Posted 2/27/08 - More coming
S. 10/12/09  Ronan & Charlo, Montana  "Mission Valley Tour"
T.L. 10/12/09  Silver Star, Montana.  Working on it
C.A. 10/14/09  Glacier Park we're in Louisiana - Thanks  "Glacier Carpool Tour"
C.L. 10/15/09  Fountain Park Cabins in Red Lodge, MT  Working on it
K. 10/15/09  Hardin, Montana  Posted 5/09/04 - More coming
S.L. 10/15/09  Colorado Gulch outside Helena, MT.  Posted 8/09/03 - More coming
K.J. 10/17/09  I thoroughly enjoyed the "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
     I grew up in the Sun River Valley - Thank you!
S. 10/18/09  Pony, Montana  Posted 2/29/04 - More coming
A. 10/19/09  Gardiner, Montana with snow please.  Posted 11/29/04 - More coming
S.P. 10/19/09  MP.Net is a site for hours of pleasure. Thank you so much.
B.H. 10/20/09  Lower Mission Falls near St. Ignatius  "Mission Valley Tour"
J.W. 10/21/09  I liked the views of the Sweet Grass Hills.  Posted 5/01/05 & 7/11/09 - More coming
C.S. 10/22/09  Carter County, Montana  Posted 7/14/07 - More coming
D.U. 10/23/09  Chester, Montana  Posted 5/01/05 - More coming
E.S. 10/23/09  Paradise, Montana area. Thank you  Posted 7/05/07 - More coming
T. 10/24/09  When will "The Butte Carpool Tour"  We're almost ready to debut the tour.
     be released?  
MPA 10/26/09  Thank you for the St Mary's Mission image  You bet!
E.S. 10/27/09  "Tings Bar" in Jefferson City, Montana  Working on it
B. 10/28/09  "The Crazy Mountain Tour" made me smile  Posted 9/25/09 - More coming
F. 10/30/09  Wolf Point, Montana  Posted 10/15/03 & 8/17/09 - More coming
  10/31/09  October winners - B.H., K. &  K.A. won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
C. 11/02/09  Wilsall, Montana  "Bozeman Carpool Tour"
P. 11/02/09  Camas Prairie, MT east of Plains, MT  "NW Montana Carpool Tour"
M. 11/04/09  Rapelje, Montana  Posted 1/10/07 - More coming
D. 11/05/09  Wibaux, Montana  Posted 9/18/07 - More coming
E. 10/07/09  West Yellowstone, Montana - Thank you  Posted 12/23/08 - More coming
B. 11/09/09  Corbin, Montana  Posted 1/12/08 - More coming
S.F. 11/10/09  Mussellshell County  Posted 9/14/09 - More coming
D.Y. 11/10/09  "The Showdown Ski Area"  "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
W. 11/12/09  Big Timber, Montana  Posted 6/14/06 - More coming
T. 11/12/09  Two Dot, Montana  Posted 9/22/08 - More coming
A. 11/14/09  Scobey, Montana  Pictures are in. Tour coming soon.
N. 11/16/09  Elkhorn, Montana  Posted 1/20/07 - More coming
J. 11/16/09  Superior, Montana - Thanks  Posted 9/21/09 - LOTS more coming
J. 11/18/09  The "Devils Basin" out of Roundup  Thanks for the tip.
     headed towards Winnett, MT  
M.H 11/18/09  I was good to see "home" again - thanks  You bet!
L. 11/19/09  Spotted Dog Creek near Avon, MT  Posted 3/08/08 - More coming
R.S. 11/20/09  The old Stage Stop - Sappington, MT  Posted 9/21/06 - More coming
W.L. 11/20/09  The Little Blackfoot River near Avon, MT  Posted 3/08/08 - More coming
J.B 11/20/09  Thanks - Raised in Havre now in TN.  Posted 6/11/06 - More coming
E.L 11/20/09  Makes me feel like I was there - Thanks  Posted 6/11/06 - More coming
B 11/21/09  Larabie Mansion in Deer Lodge, MT  Working on it
R. 11/21/09  I was stationed in Rapid City, SD in the  Working on it
     70's.  I always wanted to jog over to Montana.
     The "Great Falls Carpool  Tour" rekindled that
     desire to go to Montana.  Thank you  
W.T. 11/21/09  Thanks for posting "Home sweet Home"  Posted 6/07/07 - More coming
K.H. 11/22/09  Thank you from Seattle. Go Hamilton!  Posted 6/07/07 - More coming
M.B. 11/22/09  Thanks - Spent many an afternoon with  Posted 8/18/07 - More coming
     my friends at the Florence Bridge.  
J. 11/24/09  "Thanks for the pictures, you've made  Posted 6/0/07 - More coming
     my deployment better."  
G. 11/25/09  Two Dot, Montana  Posted 9/22/08 - More coming
S. 11/27/09  Ekalaka, Montana  Posted 7/14/07 - More coming
D.M. 11/27/09  THNX for the Sheridan, MT parade video  Posted 11/09/09 - More coming
D.S. 11/29/09  Fallon County Hospital  Working on it
  11/30/09  November winners - N,B., J., R., J.G. &  C.A. won a free "Glacier Carpool Tour"
A.L. 12/01/09  The inside of the St. Ignatius Church  "Mission Valley Tour"
H.S. 12/02/09  It's so nice to see "home." Thank you  You bet!
K.H. 12/02/09  Thank you - I grew up in Stevensville  Posted 6/07/07 - More coming
J.W. 12/03/09  Really liked the hike into the "Crazies."  Posted 9/28/09 - More coming
E.G. 12/04/09  The Carpool Tour helped us with plans  "Centennial Valley Carpool Tour"
     for our next next Montana vacation.   It's nice to get an idea of what's ahead  :o)
L. 12/06/09  Bet you don't have Corbin, MT pictures  Posted 1/12/08 - More coming
S.J. 12/07/09  Columbia Mtn near Columbia Falls, MT  Posted 9/14/03 - More coming
E.H. 12/08/09  Froid, MT is celebrating it's Centennial  Thank you for the "heads up." The Froid, MT
     next July.  pictures are in the  "Hi-Line Carpool Tour"
B. 12/08/09  Butte - The night drive into Butte from  Wait until you see
      the west is a pretty sight.  "The Butte Carpool Tour."
J.R 12/08/09  Can we buy the Missouri River picture  You bet!
     for an upcoming proposal.  
T. 12/11/09  Mooses' in Kalispell  Posted 7/09/05 - More coming
D. 12/12/09  Shawmut, Montana  Thank you  Posted 12/05/03 - More coming
K. 12/13/09  Wolf Point , Montana  Thanks  Posted 10/15/03 &  8/17/09 - More coming
A. 12/13/09  White Sulphur Springs, Montana  Posted 12/21/03 - More coming
S. 12/13/09  Winifred (Missouri Breaks)  Working on it
G. 12/14/09  Ingomar, Montana  Posted 4/24/04 - More coming
J.H. 12/17/09  Geraldine, MT south of Fort Benton  Working on it
     north of Hobson - Thanks from KS  
T.E. 12/18/09  Flaxville, Montana  Posted 6/12/09 - More coming
J. 12/18/09  Lincoln, Montana  Working on it
B. 12/20/09  Seeley Lake, Montana  Posted 2/27/08 - More coming
M.F. 12/20/09  Questions from Australia about Helena.  Information sent
P. 12/21/09  Lockwood, Montana  Thank you  Posted 4/27/09 - More coming
D.H. 12/24/09  Avon, Montana  Posted 3/08/08 - More coming
S. 12/26/09  Bozeman, Montana  "Bozeman Carpool Tour" - Here is
        the "back road" to Bozeman
K. 12/26/09  Rudyard, Montana  "Hi-Line Carpool Tour"
T.K. 12/27/09  Stockett, Montana   "Great Falls Carpool Tour"
I.N. 12/28/09  My hometown - Livingston Thank you  Posted 4/17/05 - More coming
J.B. 12/29/09  I would love to see my hometowns  Posted 9/01/03 - More coming
     Wolf Point  & Glasgow, MT  Posted 9/06/09 - More coming
D.N. 12/29/09  Libby, Montana please  "Northwest Montana Carpool Tour"
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