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Seeley Lake, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of ten)

View of the Swan Mountains near Seeley Lake
      22308 When the morning sun hits your tent you might as well go for a short ski while you 
      wait for the fog to "burn off" the Swan Mountains and the town of Seeley Lake, Montana.
      Click here to take a look at the map of where we are at on the lake.    
      Today we will travel in a "clockwise" direction around Seeley Lake. 
Picture of the Boy Scout Road Bridge near Seeley Lake Montana.  
     We'll cross the bridge on "Boy Scout Road" to get a "shot" of "Big Trees."    Click on the pictures for a larger image.
Picture of the gigantic Ponderosa Pines along Boy Scout Road near Seeley Lake.
      22308 That's what we were looking for!     Click on the picture for a larger image.
      The Ponderosa Pine pictured here has a circumference of over six meters!      Click here to see the top of the tree.
      To our left (south) there is a large stand of giant Ponderosa in a location called "Gerard Grove."
      Coming from the "Eastside" of the Rockies all we ever see are "skinny" Lodgepole Pine,
      Whitebark Pine (pinus albicaulis)  and Ponderosa Pine.  We're worried that standing in the middle of
      all those towering Ponderosa Pine may be a "shock" to our system.  :o)   We'll visit "Gerard Grove" on another day.
      On a side note, if you need a quick "shot" of "Big Trees" near Butte, visit the 300-year-old Ponderosa Pines at "Humbug Spires" northeast of Divide, Montana.
      If you are near Missoula, visit the "Lone Pine" fishing access and campground on Fish Creek west of Alberton, Montana.
The "Seeley Lake Area Tour" on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of ten)
Continue traveling North along Seeley Lake
We have a Snow and a Full Moon - Let's go Winter Camping!
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