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Richland County Fair pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page nine of eleven)

Picture of the Richland County Fair entrance.
       80706 The Richland County Fair  
       With everyone pitching in, the fair grounds change from this...
       80406 To this early morning scene of outdoor vendors.      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
        80406 You can buy everything here from combines to hot tubs!
Picture of Montana kids practicing their roping skills.
       80406 Even with all the work going on, there's always a little free time to practice your "Roping" skills.
       If you would like the see how they practice "Team Roping" on a mechanical steer in Alzada, Montana click here.
       If you would like the see how they practice "Chair Roping" in Hardin, Montana click here.
       The fair grounds in Sidney are in great repair.  They have to be, because on August 4th & 5th they sponsored the
       Montana PRCA Pro rodeo.   Click here if you would like to see the official rodeo results on the "" website.
        On Saturday night,  August 5th,  they had the 2005 CMA winners "Trick Pony" play in front of a full house.
Sidney, Montana  (Page nine of eleven)

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