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Sun River, Montana town pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of five)

      101207 Drive west on Highway 200 to see Sun River (pictured above), Fort Shaw and Simms, Montana.
      Jump out of the truck and lets walk around the town of Sun River, Montana.

Picture of the Sun River Grocery Store in Sun River Montana.

  The "Sun River Grocery Store" is a great place to get supplies & information.
  Be sure to see the "Square Butte" mural painted on the west side of the grocery store.

Picture of Ginger's Cafe & Saloon in Sun River Montana.

  Across the road is Ginger's Cafe & Saloon.  Next door to Ginger's is a famous dance hall.
  The original two story Murray Hall (1883) burnt to the ground in 1920.  
  The "Odd Fellows Club" immediately replaced the popular gathering place
    with the intention of adding a second floor when more funds became available.
    Inside you'll find a dance floor that sits on top of many steel springs,
    much like a modern-day basketball court.  The wood floor is still in good shape.
    All you need is a couple dancers, a fiddle, and some dry corn meal to sprinkle
    on the floor so your boots can slide effortlessly during a "Two Step." ***

Picture of the Sun River Montana Elementary School.

  The brick Sun River Elementary School was built in the 1880's.  
  The building now houses the Sun River Volunteer Fire Department.

Picture of the Sun River Montana Fishing Access.

  To walk along the Sun River we need to park at the "Fishing Access" behind the
  "Sun River Grocery Store. The corridor is the remains of an old railroad bed.  
   You can still see the bridge "footings" in the river.
    The water level is low now but this was the scene of disastrous flooding
    during the month of June in the years 1908, 1916, 1927 and 1964. ***

Picture of the headwaters of the Sun River in Montana.

  You know us, we like the "Big Picture."  So we included
  pictures of the headwaters of the Sun River.
  The Sun River received its name from the Piegan Indians,
  "Natoe-osucti," which means "Medicine" or "Sun River."

  The Highway Historical Marker on State Route 89 north of Augusta suggests the
  name probably was given because of the unusual mineral deposits possessing marked
  medicinal properties which exist in a side gulch of the Sun River Canyon.
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      *** Sun River historical information came from "The Pictorial History of the Sun River Valley."
      Buy the beautiful $30.00 leather bound book full of valuable information on the historic towns of
      Vaughn, Sun River, Fort Shaw and Simms, Montana.  Send a request and we'll forward you the contact information.
      Or you can write;  The Sun River Valley Historical Society   13847 Hwy 200    Sun River, Montana 59483

Sun River, Montana town pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page two of five)

Drive west on Highway 200 to Fort Shaw, Montana

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