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Exploring the Highway 12 corridor to Lolo Pass on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page four of seven)

Picture of Lolo Creek in Montana.
       60207 The "good news" is,  the "Highway 12 / Lolo Pass" corridor still looks really good.  As good or better than our memories from the 1970's.  Way to Go!
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)    
Picture of Lumberjack Bar near Lolo Pass Montana.
       60207 On 2/24/07 we received a request from "L."  Her first date with her husband of 25 years was at the "Lumberjack Saloon"       Here is a closer look at the logs used to build the Bar.
      Good news "L.",  there still is romance in the air up at "The Jack."   
      Getting to "The Jack" is still pretty easy.  You turn off Highway 12 at Graves Creek Road then follow the signs.
Exploring the Highway 12 corridor to Lolo Pass  (Page four of seven)

Continue up Highway 12 to meet a "Super Hero"

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