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Two Dot, Montana town pictures on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page two of five)

        91808 Our visit to The First State Bank of Buffalo inspired us to stop at the State Bank of Two Dot.   The old Wilson store Two story garage was built after the 1918 fire. The "Two Dot Bar." The old "Two Dot Hotel."   Two Dot Volunteer Fire Department
        Let's turn off the Highway 12 and walk around Two Dot, Montana.      
        (Please scroll to the right to see the view.) 
        George R. Wilson came to what was to become Montana in 1864 and had a successful career trailing cattle to the miners in Virginia City.
        To identify his cattle, he adopted a practice of heating up the king pin* of one of his wagons and branding two dots placed horizontally on both hips.
        He used this mark throughout his life and at one time had over 8,000 horses branded with it.
        He was known as "Two Dot" Wilson and the town of Two Dot was founded in 1900 and named after him.   Source: & the brochure "Our Two Dot."
       * The wagon wheel undercarriage centered around a king pin, which allowed the front wheels to pivot, so the wagon could turn easily.
        Three large fires destroyed practically all of the entire business district of Two Dot, Montana.
        In the winter of 1913-14 the east side of Main Street to the Doore's restaurant was completely destroyed.
        On June 15, 1918 the west side of Main Street, with the exception of the hotel, was destroyed during the night.
          During the winter of 1920-21 another fire burned every building north of the old restaurant to the railroad bungalows.  Source: "Rootsweb."
        Click here to read more on the history of the buildings of Two Dot, Montana on  "Rootsweb."
Two Dot, Montana  (Page two of five)
Walk around Two Dot, Montana
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