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Vaughn, Montana town pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of five)

Picture of the stone Morgan-Power Store in Vaughn Montana.
      101107 The stone "Morgan-Power" Store on Vaughn, Montana's original Main street.   (The store was built in 1910.)
      The original Main street runs parallel to the old Great Northern railroad tracks.
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
      In the 1880ís, coal was a necessity for heating residential homes and fueling the furnaces of the new smelter
      at Black Eagle Falls in Great Falls.  The railroad followed the Sun River from Great Falls to Vaughn.
      Once in Vaughn, the rail branched North to the coal fields in Lethbridge, Alberta.
      The rails also branched west from Vaughn to haul freight to the military at Fort Shaw
        and equipment needed for the irrigation projects being built around Simms, Montana.
      The northern line was abandoned when coal mines opened in Sand Coulee, Montana in 1895. 
      The western branch continued to transport grain, cattle and fertilizer until 1974. ***

  Panorama of Highway 200 - You can see Square Butte on the left.
  Square Butte is the biggest "Table Mountain" in Montana.

  To your right you can see the remains of an early day "Drive In."
  From 1930 to 1940 the business sold ice cream, soda pop, cigarettes
  and gasoline to traffic crossing over the Muddy Creek bridge.

Picture of the Vaughn Montana Elementary school.

  The Vaughn Montana Elementary School - "Home of the Wildcats."

  October colors - The trees behind the school.
  It's hard to believe there were no tall Cottonwood & Ash trees in this area until the 1920's.
  Prior to the 1920's, trees could only be found along the banks of the Sun River.

Picture of a red barn near Vaughn Montana.

  One of our favorite drives out of Great Falls is seeing the farms along the Sun River.

Picture of the Thomas Couch Mansion in Vaughn Montana.

  When you are in Vaughn, Montana there are two landmarks you have to see.
  The first Vaughn landmark is the "Big House."
  The general manager of the Silver Smelter in Great Falls, Captain Thomas Couch,
    purchased the Robert Vaughn homestead in 1889 and had this elegant brick mansion built.

Picture of the James C Adams stone barn outside Vaughn Montana.

  The second Vaughn landmark is between Vaughn & Sun River, Montana.
  The 140-foot long, two story stone barn was built by James C. Adams in 1885.
  Adams hired a Canadian, William Bruce and two Swedish stonecutters to hand-cut blocks
    of sandstone from a quarry several miles away. The stone was hauled by buckboard to the        
    Adams ranch.  The archway stones were shipped by riverboat from the Midwest.
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      *** Vaughn historical information came from "The Pictorial History of the Sun River Valley."
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      Vaughn, Sun River, Fort Shaw and Simms, Montana.  Send a request and we'll forward you the contact information.
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Vaughn, Montana town pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page one of five)

Drive west on Highway 200 to Sun River, Montana

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