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The War Horse NWR - Part of the Winnett, Montana Picture Tour on MontanaPictures.Net (Page seven of eleven)

         62610 Some of the views you will see as you ride across the War Horse National Wildlife Refuge  north of Winnett, Montana.
         62610 The War Horse National Wildlife Refuge, is part of the 1,100,000 acre Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Complex.
         (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
         This incredible Montana location encompasses an area larger than Glacier Park National Park
         War Horse National Wildlife Refuge, is divided into three separate sections, with each centered around
         a large body of water.  War Horse Lake, Wild Horse Lake, and Yellow Water Reservoir.   
         You can bet we will return for more photographs of War Horse NWR.  This Montana treasure deserves some great pictures.
Winnett, Montana Picture Tour (Page seven of eleven)
Ride the "Cemetery Road" from the Payola Reservoir to Winnett, Montana
Click here the read more on the official War Horse NWR website
Ride north to see the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge
Ride west to Grass Range, Montana
Ride northwest to see Glacier National Park
Ride south to Terry, Montana
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