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St. Peter's Church in Wibaux, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page four of nine)

Picture of St. Peter's Catholic Church covered with lava rock.
      62707 The old St. Peter's Catholic Church built in 1895.
      In 1938, the church was enlarged and it's exterior was covered with "lava rock" found in the surrounding area.
      Click here to read the Montana Historical Society sign on the history of "St. Peter's Catholic Church" in Wibaux, Montana.
    62807 A new St. Peter's Catholic Church was built in 1965.  Click here for the Front view  Side view of the the church.
Picture of the railroad underpass in Wibaux Montana.
      62707 Next stop the Wibaux schools.  We'll use the underpass to cross the rail road tracks.
      Be sure to wave hello to the friendly automobile muffler.  
Walking around Wibaux, Montana (Page four of nine)

Do we need to stop for water?  Just a block and a half to go.

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